Commercial Auto Insurance

There is no “one size fits all” for commercial vehicle insurance.

Your business vehicles and the employees who drive them are essential to your business. Insure them with commercial auto insurance you can count on.

Small food truck called "The Little Cafe."

Do I Need Commercial Vehicle Insurance?

If you have a taxi or delivery service, it is obvious that you need a commercial vehicle policy. There are many other scenarios with business use of vehicles that is less clear, through.

What if you use your personal SUV to drop the kids off to school and deliver catering? What if you use your for business for only part of the year? Our experienced agents can help you work through your business activities and decide what insurance is appropriate.


What Does Commercial Auto Insurance Cover?

Like personal auto insurance, commercial policies cover your liability and can compensate for damage to your vehicle. However, instead of just covering your personal use of the vehicle, the policy covers you and any employees who drives the vehicle. If you have employees who use their own vehicles for their jobs, you'd need a commercial policy that covers that.

A typical policy will include liability in the case of bodily injury or property damage, including legal and medical expenses, as well as uninsured/underinsured coverage. You can also get collision and comprehensive coverage for when your vehicles get damaged at no fault of your own.


Getting the right coverage is tough, but we can help.