Renters Insurance

Protect Your Stuff

If you’re considering purchasing a renters insurance policy, you may have some questions. Do you really need this coverage? Is it worth it? How can you get the best deal? We can answer all these questions and more. 

Small dining table by apartment window with cars in a parking lot outside.

What Is Renters Insurance?

Renters insurance provides covers for your personal belongings in case of loss, damage or theft. Importantly, it also covers personal liability in the case that someone gets injured in your apartment. Note that your landlord’s policy covers the building and grounds, but does not anything inside your apartment or anything that happens there.

In the case that your apartment building had a water leak or fire that damaged your belongings, renter's insurance would cover your losses. It will also cover your stuff if it gets stolen.


Should I Get Renters Insurance?

Renters insurance is not mandatory by any law, but some landlords may require it. This is most common in apartment buildings or other multi-unit rentals.

It's common for people to think renter's insurance is an unnecessary expense, or to hear, "I don't own anything worth insuring."

However, a quick inventory may change your mind. Consider the value of your laptop, television, and a few other things. The value adds up quickly. Could you replace them all if they were stolen or destroyed?

Again, your policy will also provide liability insurance if you're ever held responsible for a visitor's injury in your home. Medical bills can add up quickly. 


Is Renters Insurance Expensive?

Tenents usually spend $150-200 per year on renters insurance. That's about $15 a month, so it's not as much as some expect. If your laptop walks out of the door, renter's insurance could pay for itself and come in really handy.


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