Commercial Property Insurance

Your business can't afford to lose its stuff.

Business property insurance covers loss or damage to your stuff due to fire, theft, storms, and other causes. The place you do business says a lot about your success.

A man checks inventory in a warehouse full of boxes.

Do I need Business PROPERTY INsurance.

Commercial property comes in many forms, and all of it needs to be protected. Consider the costs of a warehouse rack falling from a bump by a fork truck. What about the inventory that gets destroyed by it? A water leak or small electrical fire could destroy an entire season's worth of clothing.

Even the theft of your business computer can throw a huge wrench in your operation. So can closing your doors to customers for repairs and renovations.

You invest yourself into your business. Just as you depend on your business, it depends on your to make sure you're prepared for the unexpected and able to roll with the punches.


What kind of things are covered?

Business and commercial insurance can cover most any of the physical goods that make up your business. That can includes the real estate, fixtures, furniture, inventory, computers and equipment, and even the sign hanging out front. Every business is different, so we can help you talk through your business and decide what needs to be covered.


Our insurance products are as varied as the businesses that surround us. Let us help you find what's right for you.