Business Travel Insurance

For road warriors and frequent fliers.

From cancelled trips and lost bags to prescriptions and medical emergences, business travel insurance protects your employees when they are out of the office, wherever they may be.

White male in business attire holds his abdomen in pain.

What is business travel insurance?

Business travel insurance is designed for people who travel internationally for business.

Policies cover expenses related to from unexpected travel related incidents like baggage loss and delay or trip interruption or cancellation. It also covered emergency medical care for emergency medical evacuation, repatriation, hospital stays, surgery, and prescription medications, and more.


Who needs business travel insurance?

People traveling abroad to attend a conference or trade show, visit customers or suppliers or discuss business relations with offices overseas won't want travel mishaps to interfere with important business engagements. Business travelers; concerns vary broadly but we can help you determine what's right for you and your employees.

We always hope to not have to worry about baggage getting lost and needing replacement clothes, becoming ill abroad, or having end a trip early and return home due to an emergency. Business trip insurance covers all of these incidents to help make your travel less stressful, and we all need help with that.


Big or small, we can help you decide if your company needs business travel insurance.